(Services in Nigerian Languages and Cultures)
  • Translation

    Translation is the act of rendering written text from one language (SL) to another (TL). In addition to being native speakers, our linguists specialized in their various language pairs.

  • Transcription

    Amsoshi Language Services provide transcription services in African Languages, concentrating more on Hausa, Pidgin, Yoruba, Fulah/Fulfulde, Igbo, and Kanuri. Your audios or videos would be handled by content transcriptionists.

  • Proofreading

    We can strictly and rigorously check your translated documents in all our LPs rendering them free from contextual, grammatical and typographical mistakes.

  • Subtitling

    Our services can be rendered in all kinds of audiovisual presentations, making it less difficult for you to easily access information from other languages. Not only that, through our services rendered in subtitling audios, the deaf will also be informed.

  • Linguistic Evaluation

    Our specializations include the evaluation of African languages and word-juggling to make a critical analysis of those languages in evaluating their pronunciations, syntactic arrangements, and lexical meanings.

  • Online Tutoring

    Hausa language being the largest spoken language in the African continent, with over 70 million speakers, has more of our concentration. With mentorship from our tutors on the Hausa Language, one can be able to acquire a native-like competence on the language.

  • Interpretation

    Interpretation is the act of rendering spoken words from one language (SL) into another (TL). We have competent interpreters in all our LPs who provide excellent simultaneous interpretations in Conferences, Courts, Campaigns and any gathering or event that may require such services.

  • Research

    At Amsoshi Language Services, highly skilled and experienced research assistants await you. We will help you explore the languages, the people, and their cultures at the best.


    Quality Assured!
    • Expertise

    • Experience

      10+ years of experience with enthusiasm to learn new skills and technologies.

    • Good Record

      We have successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of projects.

    • Man Power

      Our linguists are expert native speakers.

    • We Go Modern

    • CAT Tools

      We are always ready to learn about new CAT Tools and be introduced to new online Platforms.

    • Special Characters

      You will not have issues with special characters such as the Hausa hooked-letters (Ƙƙ, Ɗɗ, Ɓɓ) and the Yoruba special characters.

    • Payment Options

      We accept payments via: Payoneer, Ware Transfer, Paga, Western Union. We would be glad to discuss about other payment methods.









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